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Framework for ETH-tight Algorithms and Lower Bounds in Geometric Intersection Graphs

TU/e Noon seminar

18 Apr. 2017

Eindhoven, NL

The Dominating Set Problem in Intersection Graphs

IPEC 2017

6 Sept. 2017

Vienna, AT

The Homogeneous Broadcast Problem in Narrow and Wide Strips

WADS 2017

1 Aug. 2017

St. John's, CA

On the Exact Complexity of Hamiltonian Cycle and q-Colouring in Disk Graphs

CIAC 2017

24 May 2017

Athens, GR

On the complexity of binary broadcast problems

Workshop on Fixed-Parameter Computational Geometry

4 Apr. 2016

Leiden, NL

Connected dominating set on unit disk graphs is W[1]-hard

EuroCG 2016

30 Mar. 2016

Lugano, CH

Navigating graphs with log n + O(log log n) bit addresses

Dutch Computational Geometry Day

19 Nov. 2015

Utrecht, NL

On the number of touching pairs in a set of planar curves

TU/e Noon seminar

17 Nov. 2015

Eindhoven, NL

Succinct tree coding for greedy navigation

9th Hungarian-Japanese Symposium on Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications

3 Jun. 2015

Fukuoka, JP

Notes on Dual-Critical Graphs

8th Japanese-Hungarian Symposium on Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications

6 Jun. 2013

Veszprém, HU